Catherine Krawiec

Catherine Krawiec

Receptionist/Talent Acquisition Assistant


Prior Experience

Over the span of my career, I have worked in very customer and client focused environments which has propelled me towards finding success within client relations and customer care. Prior to my position at RWA I was a Consumers Affairs Representative for L’Oréal Paris and the L’Oréal Group for Australia and New Zealand.

Role at RWA

The primary focus of my role at RWA is to support the team and our candidates. In addition to manning the front desk, my main tasks include talent acquisition support, such as ensuring that all CV’s and candidate profiles are of a high standard and ready to be passed onto the recruitment team. 

About Me 

Outside of work, I take pleasure in the simple things. I enjoy long car drives listening to Elvis, searching for Auckland’s perfect Eggs Benedict and visiting the beautiful cows at One Tree Hill Park. In my down time, I love relaxing at home with my partner where we’re always exploring new recipes to try, and finding ways to make them better and getting our hands dirty outside in our lovely little garden.