Ines Kasper

Ines Kasper

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Prior Experience

Before moving to New Zealand, my background was in recruiting technology specialists in Berlin for start-ups from many different fields and working alongside companies to create and maintain flourishing teams. As well as working in the German market, I was also employed as a HR Professional by Mercedes Benz in Melbourne. I recently completed my MSc in Human Resources Management.

Role at RWA

My position as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at RWA focusses on the recruitment of top technology talent across New Zealand. Ensuring that these candidates are guided through the necessary steps towards a suitable position is paramount in me fulfilling my role.

About Me

In my spare time, I love to go kite surfing and horse riding, and I enjoy any activity that involves the ocean! I have a passion for music, especially heavy rock and metal, and have recently started to play the drums.