Mhak Pazcoguin

Mhak Pazcoguin

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Prior Experience

I previously worked in healthcare, gaining a Bachelor of Nursing degree. It was this experience that gave me a passion for helping people and an enthusiasm for going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

Role at RWA

My role at RWA is all about finding the right person for the role, and contributing to the development of the Talent Acquisition team. I aspire to exceed expectations and provide a high standard of service while acting as an advocate for candidates.

In speaking seven languages I am also able to provide valuable assistance for local and offshore candidates from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

About Me

Iā€™m a Joan of all trades (and a master of some!). I immerse myself in a whole range of activities such as singing and dancing, and take part in a variety of sports including as volleyball, swimming, basketball, football and tennis.