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The New Zealand IT industry is one of the most exciting in the world. Whilst we have our fair share of enterprise organisations, we also boast a broad range of technology start-ups.

As an IT professional it can be challenging to clearly understand the range of different opportunities that exist. So Under the Hood is doing this for you, regularly taking time out to meet and profile the people that make our industry tick.

Under the Hood: A Global Career – Nigel Ellis


Welcome to the latest edition of our blog series ‘Under the Hood’, where we meet the people who make New Zealand’s amazing IT industry tick. For this blog we caught up with Nigel Ellis, an experienced Programme and Project Manager with a career spanning over 25 years.

Read or watch on to find out more about Nigel’s career journey up to this point, his advice for those looking to enter the industry and his opinions on what the future of Programme and Project Management could look like.

More about Nigel

Having started his career project management career back in 1988, Nigel has seen it all. Having worked on everything from database amalgamation to managing the technology aspect of building moves, Nigel says that although shaping projects from the get-go is great, coming in when a project is already facing challenges can also be very rewarding.

Throughout his career, Nigel has worked on projects all over the world; from the USA and Europe, all the way to India and humble little New Zealand. In the video below, Nigel talks about his international experience, and what it’s like to work with a range of different cultures.

Sticking to the basics

Nigel suggests that aside from the emergence of Agile as a methodology, there hasn’t been a significant change in the function of Project and Programme Managers over the last few decades – with the fundamentals remaining the same.

In addition to discussing those fundamentals, Nigel also draws from his extensive experience to offer some valuable advice to those looking to enter the Project Management field, in the video below.

The impact of technology

Nigel talks about the impact of technology on the future of the Project Management role, and how the world continues to adjust to changes in technology and the increasing complexities those changes bring with them.

Watch the final video below to hear Nigel’s thoughts on what the next big focus for Project and Programme managers how important it is for the world to figure out how to cope with potential changes in technology.


A massive thank you to Nigel for taking part in the Under the Hood series. We greatly appreciate the opinions and insights drawn from his extensive career, and are delighted to share them with others.

Keep an eye out for the next ‘Under the Hood’ blog, and get in touch if you have something to say about  your role or career, and want to share your insights with others in the industry.

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