Life at RWA

The RWA team is a great representation of the technology industry in New Zealand. Our employees come from a diverse range of countries (8 at the last count) and backgrounds.

This blog is a platform for us to allow each RWA employee to share their own stories and industry insights. From sales events and Meetups through to personal pursuits, someone is always up to something interesting.

It’s also our opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our contractors.

RWA ‘Three-peats’ Award Success at Recruitment International Awards 2017

In case you missed it, RWA Technology People were announced as the winners of The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year award at last week’s Recruitment International Awards – Australia 2017, marking our third award within six months. The award was judged from entries across both Australia and New Zealand.

As we mentioned a few months ago, we’ve been on a journey for the past two years to try and change the way in which the recruitment industry is perceived. As part of that journey, we set out a range of initiatives aimed at going beyond simply providing our customers with the great level of service they deserve, by also doing our part in changing our industry’s perception.

These initiatives include our Under the Hood series which provides information on the IT market and assisted our consultants and clients in creating excellent job profiles that helped them to find great fit candidates. It also included our Demystifying IT series which helps HR people and Recruiters better understand the various IT roles and industries they recruit for so they can be better prepared when interviewing technology professionals. And finally, our Life at RWA series, which provides our consultants and employees with a voice. With an incredibly diverse background, this platform allows our team to share their insight on useful topics, such as how to become a contractor or move to New Zealand.

Congratulations to all other winners at this years’ Recruitment International Awards 2017! We hope to see you all there again next year.

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