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Five Must-Attend Events in Auckland During Techweek

Techweek, New Zealand’s annual festival of IT innovation, kicks off tomorrow as part of a nine-day programme that brings our innovation stories into focus. With hundreds of events taking place up and down the country, there really is something for everyone from school students to CIOs. If you’re looking at heading to an event or two in Auckland in the coming days, but haven’t quite decided on which ones to attend, here are our five must-see events to get along to during Techweek.

1. Microsoft DigiGirlz 2018

19 May 2018

As reported in our 2017 Salary Survey report, women are proportionately scarce in tech, and what better time than to get them involved and interested at a young age. Designed for female students aged 13-17 years old, DigiGirlz provides hands-on activities to engage girls with the tech industry and inspire the next generation to pick up a career in tech.

2. DIGMYIDEA Ideation Weekend

19-20 May 2018

The Maori community are underrepresented in tech but have a unique and valuable view to bring. The DIGMYIDEA Ideation Weekend is designed to bring Maori digital entrepreneurs together with mentors to help transform ideas into quality business ventures.

3. AI | A force for good

21 May 2018

This IBM-hosted event draws on various Kiwi experts from a range of industries to explore how AI is making our lives better. You’ll be given a comprehensive perspective on what is happening and where technology is going, providing deep insights across a broad sector of society.

4. Good For The World Open Days

21-22 May 2018

Delivered in partnership with TransTasman Business Circle, this headline event will see you gain inspiration from those who are innovating, challenging and disrupting todays accepted solutions, whilst bringing a socially responsible approach.

5. From Pencils to Pixels – the Future of Work Skills

22 May 2018

It’s not just about technology, but such is its impact that moving forward, people and the future of work will be comprehensively changed. This engaging discussion will focus on developing the skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce.


New Zealand’s technology industry is growing at a rapid pace, and Techweek is just one way we can raise its profile. However, to realise Techweek’s vision to be recognised as world-leader in this space, organisations must be continually investing in the IT skills that drive the development of innovative technology solutions.

If you’re still in need of further event inspiration, make sure you check out Techweek’s full programme of events, or get in touch with the team at RWA Technology People.

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