Josh Halligan

Josh Halligan

Director & Principal Consultant

Prior Experience

Born and raised in Auckland I started out my career as a software developer in 2002. In 2003 I decided to do what most Kiwis do and explore the world on the big OE. While living in London I spent three years working in direct sales, and on my return to Auckland in late 2006, I fell into IT recruitment.

After spending almost five years in agency recruitment, I decided it was time to see how things operate on the other side of the fence and joined the Spark (previously Telecom) recruitment team. While with Spark I progressed from a recruitment role specialising in technology, into a role where I was the SME for all search and recruitment social media activities across all job families (Technology, Finance, Corporate, Sales & Marketing, etc).

In March 2013 I co-founded a new recruitment venture that would allow me get back into consultancy. This venture allowed me to work with organisations and take learnings from working both sides of the fence (agency and in-house), to enable them to search for the best talent with minimal effort and cost.  After five-and-a-half years of building this business up to being a market leader, it was time to take some of my own advice and look for a fresh new challenge, so I sold my shareholding and took some time out of the industry to spend with my young family.

In 2019 the opportunity presented itself to team up with a group of like-minded professionals at RWA Technology People and embark on a new chapter to become NZ’s top technology talent provider.

Role at RWA

At RWA I wear two hats: Firstly as a Director, I form part of the RWA leadership team to drive our strategy and ensure we are continually evolving and delivering the best talent.   Secondly, as a Principal Consultant, I continue to build and maintain relationships with clients delivering on contract and permanent talent requirements.

About me

As an ex-Developer, I’m a techie at heart, and love my job as I get to spend every day talking to tech talent about new and innovative tech.  Outside of work I love to keep fit and active.  I’m a keen mountain biker and trail runner and am regularly competing in the many events around NZ.  When I’m not on my mountain bike or trail running, I’m gyming, surfing (SUP), scuba diving, or spending time exploring and traveling the world with my wife and 2 young daughters.