Recruitment Advice

When it comes to recruiting across the whole IT industry, the RWA team has seen it all. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent employee, or an IT contractor, we offer advice to help you find exactly what your business needs.

The Dangers of Unconscious Bias


Most of us like to think we aren’t biased people, at least not consciously. However, we have been hardwired to make unconscious decisions. Think about it, if you had to consciously think about every decision you made each day, you’d get nothing done. You don’t think about opening a door, you just do it.

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How to Conduct Great Reference Checks


A bad hire could cause significant damage to your business; from undermining your internal culture to placing more strain on your existing team, and reducing your organisation’s overall productivity and morale.

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Counter-offers – From Both Sides of the Fence


“I’ve just received a counter-offer from my employer”, – these words can send shivers up the spines of recruiters or hiring managers. With the market for talent slowly heating up, these words (counter-offer) are cropping up more and more in IT Recruitment circles.

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