Tales from Tech Support

Everyone who works in IT has probably had to help someone out with their computer problems at some point in their life. Whether it’s a part of your job or you’re just helping a friend, the challenges that get thrown your way can often take you by surprise.

For your humour we’ve trawled the internet to find some of the best stories from tech support. If you’ve got any great stories that you want to share send them to us and we will put them up here as well.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Desktop

The Mystery of Disappearing Desktop - Tales from Tech Support | RWA PeopleThe Mystery of Disappearing Desktop - Tales from Tech Support | RWA People

During my internship proving tech support at a large software company, I encountered a number of comical user mistakes. After a while, I was surprised to discover that even someone who works in the IT industry can make a silly little mistake.
So, at that time, our company was operating mainly in Windows 7 with some Windows 10 testing.

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Top Secret Shortcuts

Kayboard Shortcuts | RWAKayboard Shortcuts | RWA

About ten years ago, I was an intern at a professional services firm for a summer. The job was totally awesome, and I was involved in developing software and streamlining processes. Since I was the youngest person in the office, I was approached by big wigs and middle managers who are too embarrassed to call the real tech support team.

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Google is Shrinking!

A few months ago, I provided IT service for a small company where my uncle was a manager. Usually I came into the office a few hours after lunch to fix an assortment of issues, such as fixing printers, systems updates, installing anti-virus here and there, and so on.

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I’ve Been Shut Out of the Website

I handle IT for a small-medium company of <200 users. This one happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
I’m settling in at my desk, starting my PC up, and before I can take my first sip of coffee my cell starts ringing. It’s the Assistant Manager of a branch a few towns over.

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How to Handle Water Damage

I worked as a repair technician for a couple years. We had contracts with local schools/businesses that had company phones, computers, tablets, and other tech devices, to provide tech support and/or in-house hardware and software repair.

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