Vanessa Dsouza

Vanessa Dsouza

Talent Manager

Prior Experience

I have had prior experience in the customer service industry that consisted of having both face to face interactions with stake holders as well as providing excellent customer satisfaction via inbound calls. I believe I’m a people person and find joy in having interactions with individuals with the goal of consistently learning, helping and growing from all these experiences. I also don’t particularly thrive in a monotonous environment and hence, I was fascinated to commence a career in recruitment as no two days are the same. We’re on the constant hunt to find awesome talent in the vast field of technology which makes it challenging but also keeps things exciting as the opportunities are endless.

My journey with RWA technology has just commenced, but I’m excited to learn the art of recruiting and help candidates find their ideal job and explore their true potential.

About Me

Can you guess what I like doing in my free time? Well yes you guessed right, it is socialising and spending quality time with family and friends. Apart from that, I love exploring new places and you will often catch me going on road trips any chance I get. I also love basking in the beauty of nature and enjoy going for hikes that lead to scenic points. And on days when it’s not possible to do any of the above, I love binge watching thriller/horror tv shows and movies.