Guide to Engaging Contractors

Guide to Engaging Contractors

Why Engage Contractors?

Contractors can be highly valuable additions to your workforce, especially when it comes to project work, or when there’s a short-term demand for highly specialised skills. Contracting is becoming increasingly popular in the Technology sector and employers must develop competencies and processes to manage this new trend in the labour market.

Benefits of Engaging Contractors

  • Contractors bring in unique set of skills and flexibility to your business, giving you the ability to adapt to different sets of conditions on request.
  • Whereas a longer hiring process is required for a permanent employee, contractors are easier to engage due to the lesser commitment on both sides of the agreement.
  • If you’re in a position where hiring large numbers of permanent staff may be untenable, the ease of engaging contractors can be a more attractive proposition.
  • When properly managed, using contractors can also reduce labour costs.

Potential Risks

Although there are many benefits to engaging contractors, doing so does not come without risks. Protection of Intellectual Property is a potential risk, as contractor may carry business information with them when they move onto their next employer. Another risk is that Contractors can sometimes feel alienated, which in turn may damage the environment of your workplace if not addressed and managed. To ensure efficiency of your Contractors and to reduce risks, it’s highly important to develop effective management system.

Management Tips

  • Require Contractors to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect confidential information.
  • Take cultural Fit into the consideration during the hiring process.
  • Include Contractors in team-building activities and company events.
  • Make information about the company easily available to allow candidates to screen themselves.
  • Integrate your Contractors into the same performance appraisal or evaluation processes as the rest of your workforce.
  • Get all your contractors through an agency to track cost efficiently and centralise management.

If you’d like find out more about how contractors can help your business, or if you’re looking to engage great contract talent, feel free to get in touch with RWA and we’ll be happy to help.

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