Auckland IT Salary Survey – 2018-2019

Auckland IT Salary Survey – 2018-2019

The second RWA Technolgy People, Auckland IT Salaries Report – a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2017 survey – seeks to quantify what’s happening within Auckland’s IT workforce. Thousands of IT professionals completed this year’s survey, providing valuable data on how the sector is changing, including salary information, workforce trends, and job market movements.

It provides a detailed analysis of the Auckland IT sector in 2018 that can be used by employers to identify opportunities for improving their workplaces, staff satisfaction, and company culture. Employees can use the report to see where they stand in relation to their colleagues and identify opportunities to progress their careers.

Some of the key findings that we explore in the 2018/19 salary survey are:

  • Salaries have either increased or remained unchanged in the past year with the most senior staff and those in technical roles reporting the highest pay increases.
  • Salaries for those in technical roles are very close between sectors, which suggests that there is strong demand for technical skills across the board.
  • There has been a significant drop in the number of contractors, particularly in technical roles. This is a major change from 2017. Is this a long-term shift, or simply a matter of our survey
  • Gender representation is becoming more equal, which is a positive sign. However, the gender pay gap is widening slightly, which is cause for concern.

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