Job Search Advice

Many of the RWA team are experienced IT professionals themselves and understand exactly what it’s like to be looking for work in New Zealand’s tech industry. From interview advice to CV writing tips, we’re here to help you secure that dream job.

How To Settle Into Your Next Tech Job

Settling into a new jobSettling into a new job

Most of us can agree, that your first few weeks in a new job can be exciting, yet also incredibly unnerving. Finding your feet in a new IT job comes with a mixture of feelings as you adjust to different expectations, new workplace relationships and unfamiliar processes.

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Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Writing a Cover LetterWriting a Cover Letter

The importance of writing a cover letter has been debated for some time, with candidates often wondering whether it’s worth the effort. However, the reality is that a great cover letter is still a fantastic way to set yourself apart from other, equally-qualified IT professionals.

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The Skills You Need as a Tech Contractor

Tech Contractor SkillsTech Contractor Skills

Working as a tech contractor can be quite different from working as a permanent employee. While the same basic rules apply, contractors are engaged in a very different way, and the same skills are often applied in a different context.

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Four Key Things to Do Before Starting Your IT Job Search

Key Things To Do Before Your Job SearchKey Things To Do Before Your Job Search

It’s tempting to jump straight into the market when you’re starting your job search; sending out CVs and applications to every role relevant to your skill set. However, the problem with this approach is that you could be missing a key ingredient in the job hunting success: preparation.

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