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The New Zealand IT industry is one of the most exciting in the world. Whilst we have our fair share of enterprise organisations, we also boast a broad range of technology start-ups.

As an IT professional it can be challenging to clearly understand the range of different opportunities that exist. So Under the Hood is doing this for you, regularly taking time out to meet and profile the people that make our industry tick.

Under the Hood: The Life of a Finance Business Analyst – Michelle Rawbone

Michelle RawboneWelcome to another edition of our ‘Under the Hood’ blog series, where we meet the people who make New Zealand’s amazing IT industry tick. In our last blog we focused on the Online Marketing space with General Manager Kristina Trood. In this edition we switch to the education sector, with Finance Business Analyst and Chartered Accountant, Michelle Rawbone.

Read and watch below to find out more about Michelle, her career so far and her current role.

The Life of a Finance Business Analyst

Michelle’s current role is a Financial Business Analyst for an education group based in Auckland. Not to be confused with a typical BA role, Michelle outlines some of the differences that her role brings to her current company. For those interested in a career as a Financial BA she also outlines her day to day duties, an overview of her career so far and some of the differences between the soft and hard skills needed for her role.

Check out the video below to find out more about Michelle, her role and career so far.


A huge thank you to Michelle for taking part in this series and sharing her insights, career story and advice.

Check back soon for another Under the Hood blog, where we’ll be delving into the details about another key role in the IT industry. In the meantime, if you feel you would like to feature in this series or would like to discuss how you make the next step in your career, feel free to get in touch.

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