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The New Zealand IT industry is one of the most exciting in the world. Whilst we have our fair share of enterprise organisations, we also boast a broad range of technology start-ups.

As an IT professional it can be challenging to clearly understand the range of different opportunities that exist. So Under the Hood is doing this for you, regularly taking time out to meet and profile the people that make our industry tick.

Under the Hood: The Future of Project Management – James Grieve

Welcome to the latest edition of our blog series ‘Under the Hood’, where we meet the people who make New Zealand’s amazing IT industry tick. For this blog Sif Arnardottir caught up with GM Project Delivery for ASB, James Grieve, to discuss his views on the future of project management.

Read and watch on to find out about James’ experience working as a Project Manager, his thoughts on how digital disruption may change the Project Management sector, and his advice to people looking to pursue Project Management as a career path.

A Career of Projects

In this video James talks to Sif about how he got started in the technology industry working as a Business Analyst, and his early exposure to projects.

The Future of the Project Management

Sif talks with James about the drive toward customer centric experiences, the demand for value to be delivered earlier in projects and how this is making the traditional long-form project delivery model redundant.

James also discusses how Project Managers need to adapt to these changing project drivers, and the toolkits that they need to be aware of in order to be able to successfully deliver modern technology projects. Also, find out James’ explanation of a Project Manager’s role, and why they “don’t do any work.”

Advice to Aspiring Project Managers 

James talks about how candidates should tell stories about challenges they’ve faced in their career, and how they were able to overcome them. His key bit of advice to current graduates looking to get into IT, especially if they’re looking to move into Project Management, is to accept a junior role alongside a really good Senior PM. James believes this is the best way to learn the trade, and will set your career off on the right path.


Our thanks to James for taking the time to be a part of this series, your experience, insights and advice are sure to be valuable to many.

Keep an eye out for the next ‘Under the Hood’ blog, and please get in touch if you think your role or career would provide valuable insight for others in the industry. 

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