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Making a Decision Between Two Excellent Candidates

Deciding Between CandidatesAfter completing the interview process, you are left with two exceptional candidates on your shortlist that can’t be separated. In this job saturated market (especially in IT where competition for top tech talent can be intense) this is an envious dilemma to be in. However, the more time it takes to make a move, the greater the risk of losing them to competing organisations. So, how do you go about ensuring you make the right decision for your business by deciding between two candidates? Here are some tips you can use to ensure you make the right call.

Long-Term Focus

While immediate needs might feel more pressing, it’s important to look at what each person can bring to the role in the future. Both may have the same skillsets, but that won’t always mean they’ll possess the same potential. With that in mind, it’s important to look at 1) the potential growth of each candidate, and how that will benefit the company in the long term 2) whether there is one who has more interest in personal development or upskilling themselves and 3) who has more leadership potential?

Enthusiasm, motivation and passion are also great indicators for understanding candidates’ engagement levels and overall interest. Finding someone who enjoys what they do (and is keen to develop in their career) means that they’ll be more likely to thrive in the long-term.

Seek Perspective From Others

While the final decision rests with you, it is useful to get some outside perspective to help with making a decision between two candidates.

What do the other people involved in the recruitment process think? Whether it’s other Managers on the interview panel, an Advisor from within the HR/Recruitment team, or your own Manager, they can often provide the clarity you need. It can also be a useful exercise to gauge the opinion of potential colleagues.

Outside perspectives can also help you to determine potential team or cultural fit. While you want to keep in mind what someone new can add to the culture, it is widely believed that people who fit in with a team will settle quicker, get on better with team members and add more value to both the team and company as a whole.

If you’ve engaged a Recruitment Agency to help, having a discussion with your Consultant should also provide some additional insights.

Consider Other Skills

While on paper, your two candidates might be similar in terms of skills, background and knowledge, you may want to consider what secondary skills they have, which may be valuable to the team. Introducing new and diverse competencies into your team will strengthen it in the long run and add great value to the business. If one possesses a useful set of secondary skills, whilst the other overlaps with the skills you already have, then it might be worth choosing the person that adds more depth to your team.

Look at Hiring Both

If, after all the above considerations, there is still no clear choice between the two candidates, why not consider hiring both? In a market where great people are hard to come by, sometimes it’s worth hiring both. Hiring two top-class people may allow you to upscale operations in a specific area, although even hiring one of them in a role that differs from the original can be a valuable exercise as well.

While this may sound perfect in theory, it’s sometimes easier said than done, and a few factors would need to be taken into consideration, such as budget, workload sustainability and the long-term needs of the team as a whole.

Closing Thoughts

When all else fails, it’s always best to trust your instincts. After all, when you’re presented with two excellent candidates, both of whom are likely to excel at the job, your chances of making a great hire have only increased.

Finally, remember to keep in touch with the unsuccessful candidate. By checking in from time to time and keeping yourself updated on their career, it will help to keep things ticking over, if and when your next hiring needs arise.

If you’re having trouble deciding between candidates, or are looking for support with your IT Recruitment, get in touch with the team at RWA Technology People.

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