Life at RWA

The RWA team is a great representation of the technology industry in New Zealand. Our employees come from a diverse range of countries (8 at the last count) and backgrounds.

This blog is a platform for us to allow each RWA employee to share their own stories and industry insights. From sales events and Meetups through to personal pursuits, someone is always up to something interesting.

It’s also our opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our contractors.

Improving Processes for our Contractors and Clients

Here at RWA, a commitment to continuous improvement is in our DNA. One of the key processes that’s always top-of-mind for us improving efficiencies in is our payrolling systems. We’re technology people, so naturally we looked to a technology solution that could streamline the process and make life easier for our team members, clients, and contractors.

This has been a consultative process as we’ve gathered input from our end-users as well as our team to check that whatever changes we make, have no unintended consequences, and deliver on making things easier for clients and candidates!

We rolled the platform out to a pilot group of contractors and clients, and the feedback so far was great – especially on the easy-to-use interface and quick, two-click time-sheeting system. It’s enhanced communication across the board and increased transparency too; live data means we can now see what’s outstanding instantly at any one point in time.

If there’s an error, it’s easy to see where it is and how to fix it, and we can also now create custom invoices to suit client requirements, which can help our clients to better align our invoices with their own financial reports.

Even more valuable was hearing the things that they didn’t like and helping them to troubleshoot around those issues. We no longer have consultants needing to chase clients for approvals and it’s no longer a time-consuming process for everybody involved!

Put simply, we’ve grown so much as a business over the last few years, and that growth requires systems and processes to evolve alongside the business. If this doesn’t happen, any business risks being swept up by the pace of change and left behind – especially in the dynamic, fast-moving IT and Technology sector.

We’ve now rolled out the system across all of our clients and contractors and we’re excited to start hearing more feedback from people, as well as hopefully making things a lot easier when it comes to submitting and approving timesheets.

If you have any questions around the new processes, take a look at our guide, and if there’s anything we can improve that you’d like to tell us about then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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