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Many of the RWA team are experienced IT professionals themselves and understand exactly what it’s like to be looking for work in New Zealand’s tech industry. From interview advice to CV writing tips, we’re here to help you secure that dream job.

The Skills You Need as a Tech Contractor

Tech Contractor SkillsTech Contractor Skills

Working as a tech contractor can be quite different from working as a permanent employee. While the same basic rules apply, contractors are engaged in a very different way, and the same skills are often applied in a different context.

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Four Key Things to Do Before Starting Your IT Job Search

Key Things To Do Before Your Job SearchKey Things To Do Before Your Job Search

It’s tempting to jump straight into the market when you’re starting your job search; sending out CVs and applications to every role relevant to your skill set. However, the problem with this approach is that you could be missing a key ingredient in the job hunting success: preparation.

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Essential Project Management Skills for IT Professionals

Essential Project Management Skills for IT ProfessionalsEssential Project Management Skills for IT Professionals

It’s no secret that in today’s IT industry, Project Managers need to be faster, smarter and more flexible. As technology changes, you must also change with it. With so many fields being new, you need to adapt to new ways of working, as well as keeping abreast of new technologies.

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Interview Preparation in the IT Industry

You’ve got your foot in the door and landed that coveted interview. However, when you’re so busy concentrating on the big day, it’s easy to forget about the important role that preparation plays in the build-up to your interview.
We’re human and we make mistakes, but there aren’t any excuses for being unprepared.

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