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When it comes to recruiting across the whole IT industry, the RWA team has seen it all. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent employee, or an IT contractor, we offer advice to help you find exactly what your business needs.

Why Being a Great Place to Work is Everything

Being A Great Place to WorkBeing A Great Place to Work

Being a great place to work helps attract and retain top IT talent. Every day at RWA we talk to IT professionals from all levels, industries and backgrounds, and we’ve found that the most important thing when people look for a new workplace is whether or not it’s a good place to work.

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How Can NZ Tech Companies Attract Top Millennial Talent?

Attracting Millennial TalentAttracting Millennial Talent

The generation gap is a hot topic in today’s workplace. While it’s only natural that different generations have different priorities and want different things at various points in their careers, employers sometimes descend into broad, often misguided clichés, such as “Millennials want flexibility, baby boomers like structure”.

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